About Armando Dörsek and Verified.nl (English)

Portrait photo of Armando Dörsek, managing consultant and trainer at Verified Testing Services
Armando Dörsek, managing consultant and trainer at Verified Testing Services

Meet Armando Dörsek, Verified’s managing consultant in the area of Testing, QA and Data & Analytics.

Armando’s Early Career

After concluding his studies Business Administration and Management Sciences at a Dutch University in 1997, Armando started out as application developer and database administrator with Sogeti, a large European system integrator. After a few years he decided to switch to the software testing field and learned how to apply testing methodologies originating from TMap and ISTQB.

As a coach for Sogeti trainees he taught several IT- and management courses to on boarding personnel, ranging from database design to interpersonal skills.

He is experienced in testing, test management, setting up and managing outsourced/offshored test centres, introducing testing activities in (agile) development teams.

2013: Foundation of Verified Testing Services

In 2013 Armando left Sogeti and founded Verified. Having become an expert in testing in data centric projects, Armando aims at serving clients that are in search of quality in datawarehouse, business intelligence and analytics projects.

Bridging Gaps in IT

Armando focuses on bridging gaps between analysts, developers, testers, end users and management – regardless of the chosen technology or development methodology.

Master Trainer for CDAT

Next to his day to day activities as test consultant  he is master trainer for the DaU “Certified Data & Analytics Tester (CDAT)”.


Armando has worked in a variety of industries, ranging from banking and insurance to government, retail, logistics, public transport and health care.

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