Top 3 Questions about the CDAT Training

As a trainer of the DAU-CDAT Training (Certified Data & Analytics Tester) people sometimes ask me questions about the training.
Curious? Below you’ll find the Top questions.

Note: do you have a question yourself? Just let me know and I’m happy to answer (or to find someone who should know the anwer).

#1) I am a data engineer, not a tester. I am worried that I don’t understand the testing lingo. Should I worry?

No, that should not be a problem! In the world of Testing, people have different “dialects” when it comes to the testing terminology. Therefore, trainers will always make sure that everyone is on the same page, first. This will give you the opportunity to learn the terms that are used in CDAT. To get even more prepared, you could read ISTQB and/or TMap related books or take a training about testing in general.

#2) Will I learn to automate tests for a data centric environments?

As CDAT is a Foundation training, the focus will be on learning what to test, why to test this, how to elicit test cases (test design) and how to create a testing approach that you can use to report remaining risks in clear wordings to your client. The “how” question, specifically tools and test automation, will be tackled in (future) trainings in the DAU curriculum.

#3) Can I take the exam with Brightest without attending a training?

Yes, you can try and take the exam with Brightest without attending the training: DAU is not forcing you to attend the training before you can enter the exam (like some other certifications do). Please contact us for exam vouchers, should you decide to do so.
Keep in mind that many attendees feel that the training adds value as they return to their work place with new concepts and practical tools. If that sounds good to you, then please take the time (2 days or 4 evenings) and join the training.