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Training “Certified Data & Analytics Tester” (CDAT) – Live online

Due to the increasing demand for specialized education regarding testing of Data Warehouses (DWH), Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics, we are hosting the unique training “Certified Data & Analytics Tester”. 

Since the start of this training in 2018, we have welcomed many groups of (future) data & analytics testing consultants. The training is well received and we are proud of an average rating of 8/10! At the end of this page, you’ll find the scheduled ‘open’ courses to which you can enroll. Would you rather participate as a group? You can also book an in-company course. Please contact us and we will answer your questions and/or help you to enroll in one of the courses.


Today everybody recognizes the importance and added value of data for your Business model, if applied well. Whole Industries are changing: think of companies like Amazon, Uber, Netflix and Walmart. Data is high-prioritized at more and more organizations strategy agendas. They hire (interim) professionals who can collect, analyze, model and visualize (Big) Data. Both these companies and their clients trust on reliable, complete, correct and on-time delivered information. Not just one time, but continually. Data professionals can provide this trust by using methods from the field of quality assurance and testing. So, where to start? In this practical course you will get insights to a structured testing approach in complex Data & Analytics projects.

Set up

During this 2-day course at foundation level you will learn about Data & Analytics; what is it and how do to test in a Data & Analytics environment. This test method is based on international test-standards (ISTQB) with a specific and practical translation to a Data (Analytics) environment.

The course is set up in such a way that enables both data professionals and professionals to share ‘a common language’ regarding testing in Data & Analytics environments. Accordingly, the student will learn how to embed structured testing to reach and improve the quality goals.

The course combines theory with practice and contains many exercises which connects the student with practice and delivers the most applicability.


After this training, you will:

  • be able to define a vision and test strategy – and to translate it to an efficient test approach in data-oriented environments and -projects.
  • have become familiar with test specification techniques applicable to data & analytics projects.
  • be able to distinguish between different data quality attributes, measure these and you will be able to use data profiling techniques
  • have become familiar with the specifics of the test environments and privacy-aspects of data its usage in data & analytics testing projects..


Day 1:

  • Towards a common Basis: Business Intelligence, Data warehousing en Data & Analytics
  • Testing and the Test Process
  • Risk Based Testing (RBT)
  • Tester’s Skills Matrix
  • Testing of Reports & Dashboards

Day 2:

  • Testing Transformations (ETL)
  • Testing Completeness of Data
  • Data Quality and Data Profiling
  • Test Environments
  • Privacy Aspects
  • Test tools

During the course, links between theory and practice are made and supported by examples of test plans, test design techniques and test reports according to ISTQB standards.


The course will be provided (live) on line through MS Teams.

No specific education and/or training is required. Affinity with IT and/or business knowledge of Data & Analytics is an advantage, like: Data Warehousing, ETL, Data Migrations, Business Intelligence or Analytics. Knowledge of ISTQB is an advantage but not required. On the second day, attendees need to have access to a laptop with he possibility to install (open source) software.

Target Audience

The course is designed for test engineers, test coordinators, business analysts, data leads, data warehouse developers and BI-consultants.


The course can be concluded with an on line test (multiple choice), hosted by Brightest. An exam voucher will be provided. After successfully passing the exam, the attendee will be rewarded with the certificate ‘DAU Certified Data & Analytics Tester (Foundation Level)’.


At start of the course you will receive a copy of the slides, the syllabus/reader and several materials to support you during the course and in your daily practice.


Armando Dörsek

Armando Dörsek is an ISTQB- and TMap® Next certified test manager. He has over 20 years of experience in ICT as a developer, coach and test consultant of which the last decade in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and/or Analytics focused environments. Recent clients were in the area of health insurance, banking, retail and government (tax, law enforcement). Projects are often large, complex and have a company-wide impact.

Rogier Ammerlaan

Rogier has been active for many years in the disciplines of software quality and agile development in financial institutions and more technical environments like greenhouse automation. After graduating on the topic of CMM he specialized in software testing, taking up several roles like tester, test coordinator and test manager in large (international) projects. Rogier is a near full time trainer in the field of testing and test improvement, scrum/agile and robotics.


2 days:

21 and 22 September
9 AM – 5 PM


€ 1.195,- ex. VAT (including materials and one exam (€ 200,- ex. VAT))


Armando Dörsek, see Contact Form.

See Course Dates and Enroll

    Yes, I'd like to enroll in the following course:

    Please contact me!


    Training “Certified Data & Analytics Tester” (CDAT) – Online – English Spoken

    Data & Analytics United – Certified Data & Analytics Tester  (DAU – CDAT)

    As the volume and importance of data grows – we aim to increase the quality of information delivery. One way to achieve this is by having a well designed testing strategy for data centric products.

    “DAU Certified Data & Analytics Tester” is a training that has been designed for test engineers, test coordinators, business analysts, data leads, data warehouse developers and business intelligence consultants.

    Please join us in 4 weekly online sessions of ± 3 hours each and prepare yourself for the DAU exam.

    Training days
    • 18-2-2021 14:00-17:00 CET
    • 25-2-2021 14:00-17:00 CET
    • 4-3-2021 14:00-17:00 CET
    • 11-3-2021 14:00-17:00 CET

    You will need a laptop or tablet which supports a internet browser to join the MS Teams sessions. An invite will be sent shortly before the first training session.


    We’ll start to explore the concepts of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Data & Analytics after which we’ll dive into testing and test processes, focussing on the specifications required when testing data and analytics solutions. ​

    We’ll explore Risk-Based Testing and the special skills that are required of the tester when dealing with data and analytics.

    We will tackle the concept of how to test reports and dashboards, completeness, data quality as well as testing business rules and ETL (extract-, transform and load).

    ​We will explore differences between data & analytics testing and conventional testing, the specifics of Test Environments when dealing with Data & Analytics, Test Data and Privacy and Ethics Aspects (GDPR).

    Participants learn how to apply Data Profiling in order to create better test cases and to cover the most relevant Data Quality attributes.


    This training will prepare candidates for the DAU Certified Data & Analytics exam. An exam voucher can be purchased upon enrollment or after the training (EUR 200,-).


    EUR 995,- excluding VAT (21%).

    Exam voucher sold separately.

      Yes, I'd like to enroll in the following course:

      Please contact me!

      Online Training van CDAT in het Engels

      In samenwerking met Ammerlaan IT Advies & Opleidingen verzorgt Verified in oktober 2020 de training “DaU Certified Data & Analytics Testing” in een Engelstalige online variant.

      De cursus behandelt essentiële kennis en vaardigheden voor het testen en toetsen van datawarehouse-, business intelligence (rapportages, dashboards) en analytics oplossingen. De doelgroep omvat niet alleen testers maar ook ontwikkelaars, analisten en data scientists.

      De deelnemers ontvangen op 4 woensdagmiddagen alle stof die nodig is voor het behalen van het examen voor CDAT.  Door te kiezen voor deze vorm bedienen we niet alleen de Engelstalige medewerkers in Nederland maar ook geïnteresseerden in het buitenland (bv. Europa,  India en het oosten van Noord- en Zuid Amerika).

      Naast deze online training blijven natuurlijk ook de klassikale open inschrijvingen én de in-company training op de kalender staan. Bekijk alle trainingsdata hier.

      Image showing person from above making notes next to a laptop
      Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

      Online Training DaU “Certified Data and Analytics Tester” (CDAT) – English – special introductory price

      Starting 14 October 2020 Rogier Ammerlaan and Armando Dörsek will provide the online training for “Certified Data and Analytics Tester (CDAT)” against a Special Introductory Price* of EUR 685,- excl. VAT (incl. exam). 

      The training consists of four online blocks of 3 hours each, after which you should be able to take the Brightest DaU exam (1st exam included).

      The dates and times are:
      14 October – 14:00-17:00 (CET)
      20 October- 14:00-17:00 (CET)
      4 November- 14:00-17:00 (CET)
      11 November- 14:00-17:00 (CET)

      Note: These times will enable people from the Americas and India  to attend, too.

      If interested, do not hesitate to contact us for more information and/or an application form.

      *) Special Introductory Price applicable for new entries only, on and after 8 October 2020, booked through Verified.nl. This training was held often in a live setting before (at EUR 995,- ex. VAT, exam at EUR 190,-) and this is the first online version of the CDAT training.  

      Training “DAU Certified Data & Analytics Tester” (CDAT) – Nederlands – Online


      Update 15-10-2020: Deze training zou oorspronkelijk in Utrecht verzorgd worden , maar wegens de COVID-maatregelen wordt deze nu online gegeven door Rogier Ammerlaan en Armando Dörsek. Je hebt daarvoor alleen een laptop of tablet nodig met online vergadermogelijkheden (MS Teams).

      Je wilt handvatten voor het testen van business intelligence, datawarehouse en analytics producten? Dan is dit een training voor jou!

      Tijdens deze praktisch opgezette training krijg je inzicht in het gestructureerd testen in complexe Data & Analytics projecten en -omgevingen. Na afloop van de cursus kun je een teststrategie opzetten voor data warehouse- , business intelligence- en analytics trajecten, deze uitvoeren én er in heldere woorden over rapporteren.

      De inhoud van de training sluit aan op technieken en methoden uit ISTQB (voorkennis is prettig, maar niet noodzakelijk). Je kunt testontwerptechnieken gericht inzetten en doseert je testinspanningen afhankelijk van het risico.

      Na de training kun je internationaal erkende DaU certificaat behalen voor “Certified Data & Analytics Tester – Foundation Level”.

      Deze 2-daagse training CDAT Foundation Level wordt verzorgd in het Nederlands (o.b.v. de Engelstalige syllabus en slides) en de trainingsdagen lopen van 09:00-17:00 uur (inclusief pauze). Voor een lunch wordt uiteraard gezorgd.

      De kosten van de training bedragen € 1195,- (incl. examenvoucher t.w.v.  € 200,-).

      Zie voor meer details de beschrijving van de training.

      Inschrijven kan via het systeem van onze trainingspartner Ammerlaan . Eerst meer informatie? Neem vooral contact op met Armando Dörsek van Verified.

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      Testen & Toetsen in de wereld van BI, Datawarehousing en Analytics